4-H Program

We welcome you to join Sandoval County 4-H, a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship and life skills!

Our 4-H program provides a creative and supportive environment in which culturally diverse youth and adults can reach their full potential. Our local County 4-H program works to develop life skills to help young people become self-directed, productive citizens. We also work to empower adult volunteers who multiply the efforts of our local Sandoval County Extension staff.

4-H is for Families! The 4-H program is a family oriented program which empowers youth to reach their full potential by working and learning in partnerships with caring adults. We encourage parents and families to attend activities with 4-H members, including most club and county activities.

The Sandoval County 4-H program consists of 8 traditional 4-H Clubs with 300 members. These clubs meet once a month as a group and participate in many youth educational activities.

Image of 4-H Clover

To learn more about joining one of these clubs, please contact the Sandoval County Cooperative Extension Service.

  • Arroyo Blanco Amigos 4-H Club
  • Corralitos 4-H Club
  • Cotton City Cottontails 4-H Club
  • Cuba Coyotes 4-H Club
  • Jemez Mountain Stallions 4-H Club
  • Jemez Red Rockers 4-H Club
  • Rio Grande Rebels 4-H Club
  • Torreon Wolfpack 4-H Club
  • 4-H Calendar
    See our Calendar for Club meeting dates and times.

New Become a Livestock Ambassador

  • Livestock Ambassador Application
    Criteria: Senior level 4-H youth that have exhibited a superior level of ambition regarding his/her livestock/equine/poultry/rabbit projects. Senior with a profound interest in animal/equine/poultry/rabbit science, animal production and advocacy. Students that have shown advanced leadership qualities and a willingness to help others. Livestock Ambassador Role: Livestock advocacy, willing to teach and answer questions presented by the public. Produce a 2 minute video about care, feeding and showing your animal project. Attend Sandoval County Fair, possibly NM State Fair, and County Commission meetings. ►Applications are due June 1, 2022.