Sandoval County 4-H Council

Sandoval County 4-H Scholarship

Sponsored by County Council

A scholarship fund has been established by the 4-H County Council to provide financial assistance to 4-H members that wish to attend State or County 4-H events. Scholarship will cover 50% of the registration expenses for Senior Leadership Retreat, Youth-Get-Away, Livestock School, Horse School, Home Economics Schools, 4-H Dog School, or $250 of the team fees for serving as a State 4-H Officer, Ambassador or Diplomat. The scholarship will cover 100% of the registration expenses for County 4-H Camp. The funding may not be used to attend State Conference, State 4-H Shooting Sports Contest nor District Contest.

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Available to any Novice, Junior or Senior 4-H Member
  • 4-H member must submit a Sandoval County 4-H Scholarship application form
  • Scholarship applications for the events are due one month prior to event registration deadline

Here are the scholarship application deadline dates for the following events:

  • Ambassador and Diplomat Positions: October 15 (1 will be awarded)
  • Senior Leadership Retreat: November 15 (1 will be awarded)
  • Home Economics Schools: February 15 (1 will be awarded)
  • Youth-Get-Away: March 1 (1 will be awarded)
  • 4-H Dog School: April 15 (1 will be awarded)
  • Horse School: April 15 (1 will be awarded)
  • Livestock School: May 1 (1 will be awarded)
  • County 4-H Camp: May 15 (15 will be awarded)
  • State 4-H Officer Position: May 15 (1 will be awarded)