Just Be It! Healthy & Fit

This program is provided through grant funds of Blue Cross Blue Shield of NM

New Mexico Extension's Just Be It! Healthy and Fit Program

  • Reduces childhood obesity risk factors by implementing prevention techniques identified by World Health Organization (2003)
  • Provides nutrition education to students, teachers, and parents
  • Teaches students to make nutritious food choices like fruits and vegetables
  • Teaches students to choose appropriate serving sizes of food
  • Helps parents and teachers support healthy food choices for children
  • Promotes regular physical activity
  • Promotes healthy lifestyles for children and families
  • New Mexico Public Education Department Standards and Benchmarks, Social Learning Theory and Health Belief Model, Tips for Safe Classroom Cooking

10 Lessons Include:

  • Food Safety
  • Food Guide Pyramid
  • Power-Up with Exercise
  • Grains - Whole or Not?
  • Milk Anyone?
  • Meat and Beans Group
  • Vivacious Veggies
  • Fabulous Fruits
  • Fast Food or Fat Food?
  • Diabetes Prevention

To get your school involved in the Just Be It! Healthy & Fit Program, contact the Sandoval County Family and Consumer Sciences Agent at 505-867-2582.

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